A Short History Of Michael

Michael Kazalski (or Michael K, bassist, according to a former bandleader who had trouble with his last name) is an eclectic, adventurous bass player whose style draws from practically everyone he's ever heard lay down a bass line.  He picked up bass guitar at or around age 14, after having been a trombonist for a few years and found himself drawn to those instruments that represent the low end of music, and has maintained a love affair with it ever since.

He likes to tell stories, in his playing and in his writing. Hailing from upstate New York by way of Texas, he's currently living in southeastern Virginia where he plays old rock, new rock, Southern rock, blues, swing, old and new country, and whatever else gets people dancing. There's even a jazz trio on his CV. 

He mostly plays bass in public, although he can occasionally be seen in the wild with a trombone in his hand. The studio is a different story. In there he plays everything that can be heard on his tracks, a laundry list including bass (of course,) vocals, and drums, along with various keyboards and low brass instruments. The DIY approach is a challenge he set himself long ago and he's happy he's finally able to rise to it. 


Performance picture copyright 2012 T'kethry. 


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