"New and improved..."

The four or five of you on my mailing lists may have seen a "new song" announcement from me.

It's not actually new.

Here's the deal: I learn a bunch every time I work up a new song. I cranked out Dutchman first and learned a lot about mixing and tracking. I then took on Christine and learned even more. I wanted to revisit Dutchman afterward, mostly because I'd made a mistake with the drum track, so I went back and realized that Dutchman was a mess. "My first song! Isn't it great?" Not so much.

So I took what I'd learned from Christine and applied it to Dutchman, getting a much better version out of the process.

After that I took on 12:47 and learned even more. I decided to apply that knowledge to Christine, which resulted in the version that is my "new song."

I wasn't happy with how things blended in the first two songs. I figured out a way to process things separately, which gave each instrument a chance to speak more clearly. I could bury my readers in details, but I won't. Suffice it to say that I have more control over individual voices.

I also figured out how to add processing to groups of tracks. Rather than overload my CPU by loading, for instance, the same reverb on four trombone tracks, I loaded it once on its own track and send all four 'bones to it.

Again, I took what 12:47 taught me and applied it to Christine. I'm much happier with it, but for those who may have been told that I released something "new," I'm afraid it ain't so.

Just so you know, Dutchman is next.

Thanks for reading.

- MK

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